Conference aim

The conference aims to promote new kinds of cross-disciplinary academic, educational and professional dialogue and learning concerning any kind of China-CEE subject area. We shall also provide suitable publication outlets for high-quality papers presented at the conference. We would like to use a comparative approach and combine the diverse experiences and different research approaches across various disciplines from China and CEE in order to analyse similarities between the two regions, as well as to address future challenges related to socio-economic and institutional transformations in China and CEE. Despite the great geographic distance that separating them, as well as obvious cultural differences, these two regions also have important common traits and can learn from each other. This offers great possibilities for interdisciplinary comparative research.

Economic, socio-cultural and political transformations have dramatically altered both Chinese and Eastern European societies over the last few decades, and have created a new context in which both regions continue to undergo important changes and meet future challenges (such as i.e. aging population, social inequality, corruption, economic reforms, sustainable development, environmental issues, and others).